Digging the first hole of the ICPS library
The gorgeous girls from Isangel College, Tanna
Very excited about the donated education posters
Very excited about the donated Early Readers
My first dictionary! Yah!
Nothing beats having a story read to you.
Handing out Literacy Packs.

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Philantropics to feature in 2012 Wilco Relay

27 June 2012

Vanuatu Daily Post

Posted on June 27, 2012 - 4:36pm | Category: Sport Athletics

A group of fabulous philanthropic locals are venturing to participate in the world-famous 140 km Vanuatu Island Relay (Wilco Relay 2012) on the 21st July this year.

This is the eighth time I have taken a group to this unique event - all in the name of my passion - Jump Start Foundation, which raises awareness and much-needed funds for education & equity in Vanuatu.

Thanks to the enormous generosity of Sydney-siders living on the lower North Shore, the group have taken over 1.2 tonnes of literacy and numeracy resources and raised $30,000 (Vt2,800,000) to build a Library on the remote island of Tanna. This will help reduce the latest statistics of the 8000 children who start school in Vanuatu every year; only 125 ever finish their schooling. Lack of resources and support are the main reasons for this.

In addition many teachers are unable to teach reading skills as they themselves cannot read. A travesty in this day and age!

The race this year will feature one of the group’s keenest competitors, Supreme Court Judge, Justice Megan Latham from Cammeray, who will be swapping her robes and wig for runners and sunscreen.

The annual relay was established in 1980 as a part of the celebrations commemorating the independence of the Republic of Vanuatu. The race is divided into 10 sections, with each runner tackling one of the sections which pass through traditional villages, mountain forests, coconut plantations, white sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs.

Each year, running teams from all over the world fly in to compete.

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