Jump Start Foundation partners with local communities in Vanuatu to provide quality life-changing opportunities through education. Jump Start Foundation believes that everyone deserves the right to be educated and that education empowers people to improve socio-economic conditions for their families, communities, countries and future generations. We seek to partner with groups who believe in the schooling of children. We will support local community projects, no matter how small, that are often over-looked by the larger organizations. Literacy is the foundation that facilitates complete and thorough education throughout an individuals schooling journey. Jump Start Foundation has developed a holistic, multi-pronged approach to help children in the Asia-Pacific region develop literacy skills and to gain the lifelong gift of education.

We work with communities in villages, empowering them to build or improve rooms that are dedicated to literacy, whether school classrooms or libraries.
We ensure the libraries are filled with culturally-appropriate children's books, literacy posters and relevant resources that are not only great learning devices, but also engaging.
We empower communities through skill building and encourage local leadership and ownership of projects.

Strategies For Success – Our Guiding Principles

1. Partnerships

The key to long-term sustainability is partnering directly with the local communities. Our Jump Start Foundation Community Grant Agreement allows communities to co-invest with us. This grant requires villages to raise a portion of the overall expenditure for project implementation through donated land, labour, materials and/or cash. We believe this co-contribution ensures success because the community is making decisions from the beginning, it believes in the project enough to provide its own resources, and is dedicated to the sustainability of the project.

2. Training

In many of the communities trained librarians, teachers and female role-models are scarce. For sustainability of the program it is crucial that we invest in the training and payment of appropriate local people to organize, manage, and encourage literacy improvement and empowerment.

3. Equality

Projects must operate in an equitable manner. This is particularly important to ensure equitable distribution of opportunities and benefits within the community. JSF believes that both women and men should have an equal opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, community development activities.

4. Exit

Our goal is to establish a relationship of independency in the communities we work with. Through our JSF Community Grant Agreement we enlist community support and co-investment. Our initial investment seeks to improve educational infrastructure. By providing support through resources and training we aim to foster long-term sustainable learning within a community. With this end in mind, we taper our funding, gradually phasing out our support as the community begins to take on more responsibility.
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