Bronwen Stinson

Director, Secretary & Head of Equality and Female Empowerment Projects

"I am involved with JSF because......I have a strong belief in the positive power of education; that it can change lives for the better, and because I fell in love with Vanuatu and its people when I visited as a member of one of Jump Start’s Island Relay teams in 2002. I think Kofi Anan covered it when he said “Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.”  

MCJohnJohn Fricke

"I am involved with JSF because......I first became involved in helping the schools in Vanuatu in 2003 while participating in the Round Island Relay. The Jump Start teams had arranged to take several cartons of educational materials to donate to two schools along the relay route. I found it an emotional but rewarding experience to see these schools in action. They had severely limited facilities but both the teachers and pupils were very enthusiastic. I was left wondering if we could help them in more profound ways than a once a year gift of materials. Last year after the Relay we visited the Island of Tanna a few hundred Km from Port Vila. While there a few of us were discussing how we could broaden the fund raising base and from that has come the Jump Start Foundation."

MCSueSue Geerke

Supporters Manager

"I am involved with JSF because......through my participation in the Round Island Relay in 2010 & 2012 with Jump Start During the trip I learned more about Vanuatu and the need to support the improvement in educational opportunities for children in the Asia Pacific region. It was a fantastic and unforgettable experience and the best part was visiting schools in Vanuatu and meeting the children we are helping. It is very exciting that we now are raising funds for a major project — the building of a library at a remote primary school on the island of Tanna."

MCTonyTony de Govrik

Legal Consultant

"I am involved with JSF because......after being part of the last 5 Jump Start Island Relay teams, I have become acutely aware of the desperate need for education for children of primary school age and beyond in Vanuatu. Jump Start Foundation's projects are aligned with this need and are also aimed at eliminating gender disparity in education and sport."

MCAmandaAmanda Egan

Marketing & Fundraising

"I am involved with JSF because......having been part of the Round Island Relay team in 2012 & 2014 and having the amazing opportunity of visiting a school on the island of Efate, I was inspired by the incredible enthusiasm of the kids and their eagerness to learn despite the very limited facilities available to them. I was honoured that Heidi asked me to a be a member of the committee and hope that my contribution can make a difference to the education of those we come in contact with."


 Melissa Fairbairn

 Director, Research and Procurement
"I am involved with JSF because… after donating to JSF for a few years I decided to participate in the Vanuatu Round Island Relay 2014 and attend the opening of the Library on Tanna Island built by JSF in collaboration with the enthusiastic local Tanna Island community.  Having completed my Bachelor of Social Science at Macquarie University in 2013, I was privileged to see first hand how education enables individuals and communities to transform their ability to think independently and understand their capabilities.  Sustainable development needs the strong foundations of community education starting with children’s literacy and building improved generational education levels. JSF works hard, through dedicated volunteers, towards this end."

  Cecilia Logan

   Director, PR
  "I am involved with JSF because.....over the years I have admired the hard work Heidi and her team have put in to better the live of the children on Tanna.  I respoect the values and purpose of the         foundation and feel strongly that all children deserve the opportunity to be educated."


Heidi Denning


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