Our Volunteer For Literacy (VFL) Adventure is for those who are keen to make a difference to children, a school and a whole community on the incredible island of Tanna, Vanuatu. Would you like to try volunteering, while having a real holiday at the same time?

Our VFL Adventure is your chance for hands-on participation with a community who dream of a better life (and who know education is the key to this). At the same time you can be part of a nurturing, supportive, fun group. You will help give life-changing opportunities to a whole community through our Literacy Improvement Program.

You will be amazed by what can be achieved in just one week. You will come home feeling a sense of fulfillment from the impact you have had on the lives of so many, making a difference for future generations.

Trip Style
Our VFL Adventure allows you to volunteer in comfort. You will travel with an experienced and passionate guide (Heidi Dening), stay in lovely resorts, have access to tour desks, delicious restaurants, and fully stocked bars - all with a Pacific Island rustic flavour. We understand that this is also your holiday time so you will return from this holiday feeling relaxed and recovered. You can sleep in, have long, lazy breakfasts, cocktails at sunset, unique sightseeing opportunities, genuine cultural experiences never available through normal packages, while giving back to the most beautiful and humble people.

Trip Duration
The 9nights (2 nights in Vila and 7 nights on Tanna) VFL Adventure is designed for volunteers who are time-poor but still have the heart to help. If you can get away for more or less time then it is possible for us to specifically tailor this trip to your needs. We can help you create the ultimate holiday adventure.

Our VFL Adventure is for everyone!

We have hosted a real mix of adventurers on our trips including solo travellers, families and retirees.

Volunteering Activities

Each VFL Adventure is unique. Activities vary based on the current stage of the Literacy Improvement Program and community needs and priorities at our main project school, Isangel Central Primary School (ICPS).

Activities may include:
  • Assist in the smooth running of the Library - Help build on the work created by Jump Start Foundation by participating in activities including: stocking books, catalogue books, and assisting the librarian.
  • Read stories to the children - This is a unique opportunity rarely experienced by the ICPS children. Your audience will be fully attentive!
  • Provide dictionary lessons.
  • Share your specific skills - If you have a specific skill to share with or teach the children or staff of ICPS, and it aligns with our vision, we would love to incorporate this into our program. For example: Sport, Science, Dance, Art, Nutrition, Health, and/or Medical.
  • Offer workshop and fundraising ideas - Help the school and the librarian come up with literacy workshop ideas and/or fundraising ideas.
  • Painting - Paint a classroom to improve the learning environment for the children.
  • General maintenance  - Help with school maintenance. For example: sanding school furniture, fixing window shutters, working in the garden, patching previous paint jobs. Your handy-person talents are needed and greatly appreciated!
  •  Share and communicate - Share with the children a little of the world around them by talking about experiences you have of life, people and culture from outside Vanuatu.

Why Would You Want To Join Us?

  • To experience first hand life in Vanuatu on the remote island of Tanna. You will get to be part of a school and community, and work side-by-side with them – a very rare and privileged opportunity.To feel rewarded by the knowledge that you have been part of a successful strategy for long term change in literacy rates – education is a game changer.
  • To meet the most humble and beautiful people you will ever meet in your life, and
  • To be humbled by this experience.
  • To be part of a pioneering project created solely by Jump Start Foundation in collaboration with the teachers, families and children of Isangel Central Primary School community.
  • To have the opportunity to see the Literacy Improvement Project in action and see what difference the library is making to the local children and the local community.
  • To have the opportunity through JSF to help bring literacy to Tanna, Vanuatu.
  •  To see how 100% of your fundraising dollars (only $250) will make an impact on this community.
  • To feel the city stress drip off you, as the sun warms you skin! Escaping winter is a BIG added bonus!

Holiday Activities and Sightseeing
Your VFL Adventure provides opportunities to experience incredible holidaying activities. There is something for everyone: from the most authentic cultural experiences to thrill-seeking adventures. We can help you get the most from your holiday!

We can talk about what suits you most before or during the trip.

Here are a few of our favourites:

In Vila

  • Cascades Waterfall – an absolute must!
  • Jet-skiing in the Pacific
  • Snorkelling on tropical reefs
  • Vanuatu Aelan Chocolate Factory
  •  Day trip around Efate with lunch at Eton Beach 

On Tanna – the Real Vanuatu!

  • Time on this remote, tropical island is an experience in itself!
  • Visit Mount Yasur volcano – walk right up to the rim of the most accessible active volcano in the world – not to be missed!
  • Blue Cave snorkel
  •  Visit local markets (on a 3-wheel trike if you like!)
  •  Tanna Coffee planation tours - fall in love with this coffee and take kilos of it home with you!

Other Holiday Activities

  • Melanesian Feast
  • Hair-braiding
  • Local Dance Group
  • Scuba Diving
  •  Horse-riding on the beach

“When I committed to going with JSF to Tanna as a volunteer, I was excited to be able to be part of their Literacy Improvement Program, and actually make some sort of difference to this community during my holiday time.  I was completely unprepared for the genuine excitement and the passion for learning that the children had. The enthusiasm of the teachers was palpable and they were very keen to gain experience that would help them to improve their skills. I really loved reading to the children and having them read to me, plus I was able to use my science background to show teachers and students how to use a microscope. To see JSF work alongside a community to provide life-changing opportunities through education was incredible and being able to contribute to that learning experience was something I will never forget.” Verity Hodgkinson, Northbridge, Divisionall Business Manager, Cancer Research  

To Be Involved with this Volunteering For Literacy Adventure, you must:

  • Personally raise $250, which is on top of the package price. All donations are Tax Deductible and 100% of this money will be used for the purposes of our Literacy Improvement Project, which you will get to be a part of. We will provide you with template emails, letters and secure online payment capabilities to help you with this.
  • Take out travel insurance.
  •  Obtain a Police Check, as you will be working directly with children.

More Information

  • Call me on 9904 1201 or email me with any questions.
  • We will be having an Information Night on Thurs 26 February @ 7.30pm in Cammeray. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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