LoweFamily"Extensive and almost total foliage damage/removal overturned trees etc etc . ... so no Tanna grown fruit or vegies for the people for many months. Almost all local huts (houses) destroyed. All schools closed and damaged, many severely . . . ..some completely. Isangel school . . . . .library roof completely lost . .. all books lost .. two classrooms next to the library completely destroyed with only the concrete floors remaining. Shipping/freight of materials, essentials goods etc is difficult still with everything overloaded by the emergency relief effort. If you could still make time to get over here it is probably the only way anything will get started at the school. I can and will help you but time will be limited immediately, and it is great to know you will be here soon!!!!!!"

Tanna Update - Friday 20th March, 2015

DailyPost JSF - rushes to give aid in Vanuatu - read the article published in the Vanuatu Daily Post on 18 March 2015.

CyclonePam 2

Support Our Tanna Community - Cyclone Pam 

Tax Deductibility....at last!

Hard to believe we have finally jumped through all the necessary hoops to get this amazing tick off! But we have...woohoo!  Read more

JSF Library Our Library is finished!

Oh my goodness! I never thought I would get to write those words. It is hard to believe that after 2 ½ yrs of planning, over 700 volunteered hours, more than 200 supporters, plus a whole community in Vanuatu to work with, we have finally built a library at Isangel CPS, Tanna, Vanuatu. Read more


Christmas Party

We had a lovely time having lunch on the verandah of the Sydney Flying Squadron club. There were lots of laughs, good food and great company. What more can you ask from a Christmas Party. read more

PaulFellowsRotary International Paul Harris Fellow Award

On the 10th December, I was honoured (& surprised) to be named a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International (via Northbridge Rotary Club) for the work I have done in Vanuatu. read more

MumA Tribute to Helen

It is with great sadness that we had to say goodbye to Helen Dening this year. She was an incredible support to JSF from its original beginnings in 2001. Helen tirelessly gave her time to all fundraising activities, management committee meetings, literacy development programs and the purchasing of resources for the students and teachers at our project schools. read more

Philantropics to feature in 2012 Wilco Relay

27 June 2012
A group of fabulous philanthropic locals are venturing to participate in the world-famous 140 km Vanuatu Island Relay (Wilco Relay 2012) on the 21st July this year. This is the eighth time I have taken a group to this unique event - all in the name of my passion - Jump Start Foundation, which raises awareness and much-needed funds for education & equity in Vanuatu. read more

Media20102011Running up literacy levels in Vanuatu

20 October 2011
CAMMERAY: The annual Round Island Relay in Vanuatu is one of the world’s most “phenomenally unique” runs but only a handful of people know of it, a North Sydney fitness instructor says. Heidi Dening, who founded Jump Start Outdoor Training in Cammeray in 1997, has participated in the relay since 2001. read more

AustDayAward-MCammeray Businesswomen and Philanthropist Wins an Australia Day Award

26 January 2011
Local businesswomen and philanthropist, Heidi Dening, has been honoured with the Australia Day Merit Award for her service to the Personal Training industry and for her support of disadvantaged schools in Vanuatu. read more

Media00002006-1 000Motivation and Inspiration: the Vanuatu Round Island Relay

Spring 2006
Personal trainers should always look for fresh new ways to inspire clients and encourage them to reach their fitness goals. read more



Running is serious stuff

3 June 2004
Her kids may think it's a laugh but Stephanie Mattiske, 47, is serious about her running. read more

Media05092002 2Life Jump Starts in his 50's

5 September 2002
Meet the Marathon Man. He doesn't see himself that , but Cammeray businessman Richard Kuipers has quickly become something of a legend in one country at least. read more

Media00002002Temptation Islands

Nestled in the South Pacific, the island of Vanuatu boasts white sand beaches, tropical rain forests, friendly locals, and a challenging 140 km annual relay run - as Heidi Dening told Katherine Callan. read more

Media22072002Heidi's fun run holiday

22 July 2002
Heidi Deining reckons she's found the perfect holiday destination - yet unlike those of us who will go to any lengths to protect our hideaways, she isn't shy about letting the world know.read more

TradingPostvan2TVL expands sponsorship for 2002 RIR

29 September 2001
... a special prize of AUD$1000 was donated by a member of the Jump Start Team from Australia... read more

Media09082001Vanuatu run success

9 August 2001
Australia's first-ever team in the annual round-the-island relay came a creditable fourth among the six teams in the mixed open division of the relay held last month. read more

Media28062001Melissa to test herself in Vanuatu

28 June 2001
A car accident and resultant broken ribs has made Melissa Nicholl of Cammeray determined to test her physical fitness on the rough terrain of Vanuatu. read more

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