GirlsEquityJSF is passionate about supporting local community projects, no matter how small, often overlooked by larger organisations. JSF believes everyone deserves to be educated and treated equally.

Empowerment and Equality is part of our charter. The JSF charter includes education initiatives in the Pacific, connecting children, their schools and the support of local community through projects. Focusing on gender equality in education enables women to be agents of change within their communities. JSF provides opportunities for young women to pursue their personal development, increase their confidence and leadership skills, enabling girls to ascertain their current needs and make future plans to improve their own situations.

In the past, we have supported and sponsored girls in sport, who would not otherwise have access to these opportunities.
  • We have provided the opportunity for female students to participate in empowerment workshops comprising sessions delivered by Ni-Vanuatu speakers on personal development, health and employment opportunities. 
  • We have provided literacy packages to be shared in the classrooms.
  • We have provided teachers with a package containing resources to assist the continual education of the students at their school.
JSF aims to assist the community to eliminate gender disparity in primary education and increase the number of girls moving into secondary education.

Our Project Principles

Jump Start Foundation works in partnership with communities to improve equality in education for children and adults. JSF strongly believes that when a community owns a project, through its involvement at every stage of an enterprise, it will respect, care for, and do everything in its power to ensure the continued success of the venture.

JSF worked with the community to support and sponsor girls in sport, travel and education who would not otherwise have access to these opportunities. The cooperation between JSF and Isangel College (IC) was highlighted by:
  • The selection of IC for participation in the project was based on advice from Tourism Vanuatu. IC met the criteria for participation set up by JSF: a school in one of the outer islands; a school committed to sport; a school without the finances to send their students to important sporting events such as the Vanuatu Island Relay.
  • The eligibility of all girls to participate in months of training to be selected for participation in the relay team. Girls who did not qualify to run in the IC/JSF team gain the benefits of the training, understanding of commitment, discipline and team spirit.
  •  Fundraising by the school and parents to provide the girls with running shoes and spending money for their three-day experience in Vila.
  • The school selected the eleven girl team members. The school, parents and community were very proud of their participation in this event due to the girls’ exemplary behaviour, team spirit and good results.

 Community ‘participation’ in all development projects have been apparent at every stage.

Improved literacy and gender equality in education will increase generational education levels. Women will be empowered to participate in the social, political and economic life of the community improving their circumstance through productive, practical, constructive and positive practices. Empowering women has been shown as way to instigate change.

For sustainability, it is crucial that we invest time, energy and money in training, continual education and remuneration of appropriate people to organise, manage, monitor, evaluate and encourage equal participation in education: 

  • We have shown the community ways to fundraise so they are financially investing in the education of their children. Equal educational opportunities for girls and boys are an integral part of the community’s long-term goal of improving community outcomes.
  •  Stakeholder volunteers (teachers, parents, students) have learnt how they can actively be involved in the education of students.
  •  Female students expand their knowledge to pursue their personal development, increasing their confidence and leadership skills. 
  •  The provision of empowerment workshops at the school, given by ni-Vanuatu women, have provided a learning experience for all female students.


  • Everyone, men and women have had a voice in the decisions – not just those who spoke the loudest.
  • We are inclusive. We do not discriminate between races, religions, cultures or political persuasions. There is no bias or favour toward one group or community.


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