LiteracyPackWe provide literacy packs to the children of a rural primary school to help them with their schooling needs.

- As part of our volunteer trips to Vanuatu, JSF volunteers personally hand over a literacy pack to every student in Years 1 - 6. Included in the packs are: reading books, a dictionary, exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers, erasors, sharperners and activity books. The literacy packs help make learning and improved literacy an enjoyable activity. The wide eyes, smiles and gasps of the children as they look through their literacy packs are heart warming for all the JSF volunteers.

- On this special day, after the children receive their literacy packs, we divide into small groups and read them stories from the books we have provided. The children truly love this. Their parents are often unable to read them stories, so our participation is exception. The children are so enthusiastic that before one book is finished, the next one is chosen and passed over to be read.

- The day finishes with games with the kids — 'Hokey Pokey', 'What's the Time Mr. Wolf?' and 'Heel and Toe Polka'. Their smiles and giggles of the children are so infectious — it truly is the greatest day.

This proejct has been a success since 2002 and we have directly made a difference to over 1700 children, plus their sisters, brothers, cousins, friends & parents. In Vanuatu culture the community shares everything so we know that our education packs have potentially improved the lives of a couple of thousand individuals. In addition, we always provided teacher resource packs as well, so that the teachers can plan better and more effective lessons for their students.

You can see some of the photos here from one of our volunteer days.

How Can You Help?

Our next volunteer trip is in June 2015. If you are not able to join us but would like to help us provide life-changing opportunities with this fabulous education project, you can purchase a literacy pack for $50 and be assured that 100% of your money will go to the children. These packs will be ready for purchase in May 2015.


Thank you to all of you who continue to donate money and books and stationery so that we can help so many children. Without your support, we would not be able to give as much as we do.

Also a very special thanks to Air Vanuatu for allowing us to bring so many goods to the kids for free. This now equates to about 2000 kg of free excess baggage Air Vanuatu has allowed us to take to Vanuatu over the years! Air Vanuatu, you are very generous to us, and we cannot thank you enough.


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